W. D. O' Connell Whiskeys, Poitín & Aqua Vitae @ Clancy's

  • 15 Jan 2020
  • 19:00 - 21:00
  • Clancy's Bar, 15 - 16 Princes Street, Cork
  • 4


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W. D. O' Connell Whiskeys, Poitín & Aqua Vitae @ Clancy's

A recent re-release of Aqua Vitae by Off The Cuffe - the botanical laced recipe first produced in Kilkenny around 1324 - has proven to be a great success. Chris Hennessy, Off The Cuffe and Dylan Whiskey Bar, was instrumental in bringing this recipe back to life and will guide us through the story, and tastes, of this historical distillate.

As the centuries  passed, illegal distillers utilized small mobile pot stills so as to avoid excise duty, whereby the term Poitín was born. So, for sure, we will enjoy a sample of Bán Poitín on the night. 

W.D. O’Connell Whiskey Merchants is an independent whiskey company who procure premium spirits, and aged whiskies, from multiple distilleries to apply their own maturation and finish preferences. They bottle genuine small batch releases of between one and ten casks-at-a-time, meaning that no two whiskey releases will ever be the same.

At a stunning venue - revamped and upgraded recently - we will sample the following:

  • Off The Cuffe "Aqua Vitae" 
  • Bán "Poitín"
  • W. D. O' Connell "Bonders PX 17 YO Single Malt"
  • W. D. O' Connell "Bill Phil" Peated Single Malt"
  • Vintage Irish Whiskey (surprise on the night)
  • Non-oaked whiskey (surprise on the night)

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