Cocktails, Pizza and Rye Whiskey - Investigating all things "RYE"

  • 7 May 2018
  • 18:30 - 20:30
  • Porterhouse Bar, The Mardyke complex, Sheare's St, Cork
  • 6


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This event just keeps getting better and better! We've now added the No. 2 whiskey in the World for 2016 as awarded by whiskey writer Jim Murray. 

We are also delighted to also welcome Alan Keane  of Hi-Spirits who will showcase the original New Orleans Rye whiskey: Sazerac. Every guest will also be served the famous Rye cocktail with the same name, the Sazerac, in addition to delicious pizza to fill those hungry stomachs.

Once the most popular whiskey style in America, Rye whiskey has been making a spectacular comeback these past few years. 

Let's keep the Bank Holiday party going tomorrow (7th May) for a tasting with an earlier start time of 6:30pm. 

Tomorrow night, and with tasting scores attached, we will sample the following Rye whiskeys that includes Jim Murray's No1. and No.2 Whiskeys of the Year for 2016:

  • Sazerac Rye (91) and presented by Alan Keane of Hi Spirits
  • Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye  (89)
  • Pikesville Straight Rye (88)
  • Heaven Hill's "Rittenhouse Rye" (92)
  • Russell's Reserve 6 YO Kentucky Straight Rye (90)
  • Whistle Pig 10 YO Straight Rye (90)
  • Woodford Reserve Straight Rye (94)


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